Mainelycountry EBBY

This fantastic Ragdoll kitty is super special in many ways.

She came from the cattery that originally got Lions Royale Ragdolls
started AND she was born to a Lions Royale kitty named Lionsroyale Tiffy
who is featured at the top of the homepage and on many of our other
pages on this website!!

Talk about full circle!!

The help and friendship of Dorothy and Joe from Mainelycountry
were undoubtedly the only reason I was able to obtain such excellent Ragdoll Cats
as the foundation of Lions Royale Ragdolls.

Ebby has been such a wonderful member of the Lions Royale Family.  First living
with Blossom and then going to live with Lorelei where she birthed her first babies.

She has a great time making up games with her toys.

She'll throw them, squeak and chirp, pounce, carry them up the
scratch post, drop them and leap down on top of them, wrestle the toy,
carry it back up the post and do it all over again before going on to the
next victim.

Anything I gave her is fair game!  She's a lot of fun.  Ebby was always
so super affectionate, soft and gentle. She loves all other cats.
She loves all people. She even loved Paddy the Westie and they had a very close

Ebby also pushed into Paddy's dish and ate her food right from
under Paddy's nose!   Not too many kitties would dare to try that but Paddy and Ebby
shared everything.  Great buddies these two. 

Ebby's kittens certainly got her beautiful temperament and silly personality.  They are
just fantastic kittens!


Mainelycountry EBBY - Blue Lynx Bicolor