Ragdoll Breed Standard

The Breed standard is the guide or
ideal that breeders strive for in their
breeding practice. 

There is no 'perfect' cat but the goal is
to stay as close to the 'guide' as possible
to ensure a true representation of the

Ragdoll Cat Breed Standard can vary
from one association to the other.  There
are no major differences. Some simply
stress more heavily certain preferred

However, ALL cat associations stipulate
that the Ragdoll is a BLUE-EYED,
POINTED cat.  Pointed cats are born
pure white and gradually develop color.

There is no allowance for the Ragdoll
breed to have any eye color except blue.

There is no allowance for any cat that is
not pointed. 

The CCA Ragdoll standard notes that
Birman is an acceptable outcross
in the ancestry.  They are also a blue-eyed,
pointed cat close in resemblance to the
Ragdoll in many ways.  The addition of
this extended gene pool has assisted
in the health of the Ragdoll breed.

Ragdolls that are three generations
away from the Birman outcross are
considered SBT or "Stud Book Traditional"
meaning they are considered a purebred
Ragdoll and acceptable for registration
and for exhibition.

Various Ragdoll breed standards can be
found below depending on which
association the breeder wishes to use
for exhibition.

CFA Ragdoll Breed Standard

TICA Ragdoll Breed Standard

FIFE Ragdoll Breed Standard

CCA Ragdoll Breed Standard

What Makes a Ragdoll?

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Do you want to know the REAL history of
the Ragdoll Breed?

The absolute best source of information
is the Ragdoll Historical Society.

With actual correspondence and breeding
plans of the originator of the Ragdoll breed -
Ann Baker.

This is an exceptional resource put together
by some of the very ones who brought the
Ragdoll to recognition as a breed.

Read about the difficult journey from 'feral'
cat to the incredible breed that we have today

The people who put this site together actually
knew and obtained their original Ragdolls
from Ann Baker. Who better to verify the
information presented?

Get the facts about what a TRUE Ragdoll
is meant to be.

Fascinating and informative website.