What to feed your Ragdoll

Lions Royale Ragdolls eat several different brands of dry cat food mixed together.
I offer this to the Ragdolls because I find that they are less finicky this way,
they seem to enjoy trying new types of food and they get a more rounded diet.

If there was ever a recall or a problem with one type of food, such as we have seen
in the past, I worry less about whether my cats will be affected.

You can find the various cat foods that I recommend at most pet food stores.

Some of these are ‘All life stages’ foods meaning that you don’t switch from
kitten to adult brands at a certain age.  They simply eat more of it as kittens.

Check the bite sizes of the food you offer to your kitten. Smaller bites are obviously

Wellness has tiny kitten kibble which is wonderful as does Royal Canin Baby Cat.

Don’t feel that you have to go out and buy a variety of kibble. Choose one that you
can easily find such as Royal Canin or Wellness. You can always add something
else with it  if  you’d like.
Often the grain free products are very rich for the kitten and it’s necessary
to mix it with another brand of food so they don’t get the runs.

Some families have found that their Ragdoll is always hungry on total high protein
diets. They also tend not to gain weight or thrive.  I recommend a good quality
kibble along with that type of diet.  It has been a good solution for most who found
their cat in this situation.


Some of the cat food brands that I use and can recommend (in no particular 
order) are:
  • Blue Buffalo kitten
  • Royal Canin (Babycat 34 and 36 & Persian formula for adults)
  • Wellness – all products including grain free
  • Natural Instinct/Prairie grain free products and frozen meals
  • Natural Balance (excellent food – kitties love the green pea formula too!)
  • Avoderm (all of the cats loved this food)
  • Chicken Soup for the Kitten Lovers Soul
  • Taste of the Wild
  • Fromm
  • Solid Gold
  • Merrick
  • Spots Stew
  • Innova
We will also mix in a bit of Whiskas, Iams, Friskies and Kitten Chow which keep the
stool firm.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means. There are lots of excellent foods to choose

We have tried certain other brands and the cats didn't thrive, had adverse affects or
just wouldn't eat it. 

If you would like to know if the food you are feeding or planning to
feed falls in that category, please ask. 

It could simply be that our Ragdolls didn't do well on those foods but other cats may.


I like to give the Ragdolls wet or canned food.  Most  really enjoy it.  Some don't care
either way so a smaller can size is recommended in order not to waste it.

Sometimes it will give the cats runny stool.  In that case, we stop feeding the wet
and simply moisten their kibble with fairly warm water, let it sit for a few minutes and
serve.  It's still crunchy but warm and with a gravy.

I have tried lots of different brands.  Usually it comes down to what is on sale, what
do I have a coupon for and what do my kitties prefer?

Fancy Feast is really great for finicky kitties. I haven't had a single one turn up their
nose at that food.

Strangely enough, some of the higher end canned foods have been wasted. Kitties
didn't like it.

Since the canned food is simply a treat and not a staple of their diet, I don't worry
too much about the brand.  Provided the manufacturer is a trusted one, I will offer it
and see what the kitties think of it.

Sophisticat is an all time favourite, some like the Friskies, others prefer the Whiskas. 
Iams adult and kitten canned are accepted by most. 

Even if one doesn't like a certain brand, there's another kitty happy to finish it up
around here.  

For the most part they prefer the pate and not the chunks. The chunks often get left
and the gravy lapped up.  The exception to that would be the Flaked Tuna or Tuna/Egg
formula from Sophisticat or anything from Fancy Feast.


I often get asked ‘What is the BEST food to feed my kitten or cat?’ I can honestly answer
that the BEST food is the one that your feline thrives on. They don’t all like or do well with
the same food. If you find something that works well, keep using it!
It’s the BEST food for YOUR cat.

Also, not all foods can be found in all areas.  You may find a fantastic food that I have never
heard of.  In that case I'd be really jealous but happy that your kitty is enjoying it and


It's not necessary to give your kitty extra vitamins or supplements.

However, there are many products offered for coat, skin, eye or
overall health of your cat.  If you want to add something to your
cats diet, provided it is from a highly recommended brand, there
should be no harm in doing so.

Some items that we use and recommend in our Ragdolls diet are
Jamieson Wild Salmon oil capsules.  We use Jamieson because we
trust that this company tests for toxins and heavy metals in the product.
We will pierce a capsule and squeeze onto the soft food and mix capsule
and all into the food. 

Lysine is highly recommended. This amino helps to suppress the virus that
causes the "cold" sypmtoms  that kitties can get.  Also called Rhino or
Herpes in cats.

Lysine capsules can be purchased at your local pharmacy in 250 or 500 mg
doses.  It's pretty much tasteless so  a capsule can be opened and
sprinkled on your cats wet food.

There isn't any worry that too much may be given, it will simply be eliminated
through urination.  There is no side effect with this supplement.

Many cat food companies are adding it in small doses to their dry foods.
This is to provide a daily dose of this very helpful amino that would otherwise not be
found in the cats diet. 

The efficacy of Lysine in suppressing the the virus is evident in many cats but
not all.


If your kitty develops diahrea for any reason, whether a change of environment, food
or water etc, you can give  IAMS HAIRBALL formula kibble to help bulk up the stool.
This works very well.

If the problem persists and is abnormal, there may be an underlying cause.

More details on how to know if there may be more to the kittens runny poop than a change in
food or other external factors will be posted soon.

Questions? Comments?