What is a Ragdoll cat?

The Ragdoll is a man made breed that had it's origins
in the 60's in California, USA.
However, it wasn't the founder of the breed, Ann Baker, that
ultimately brought the Ragdoll to recognition in the cat
associations and eligible for exhibition as a registered breed.

That long, hard struggle was successful due to the dedication
of a few individuals who saw the potential of these amazing 
cats.  Really, you could say 'in spite of' the originator Ann Baker.

Read the history of the Ragdoll at the RAGDOLL HISTORICAL
for more on the start of the breed.

The breed standard for the Ragdoll cat states that they are
a blue-eyed, semi-long haired cat. 

They are a 'pointed' breed which means they are
born pure white and gradually develop their coloration.

Their 'points' are darker than the body which is ideally
several shades lighter.  Think of a Siamese or a Himilayan.
The same gene is responsible for the contrast between
points and body.

The points on a Colorpoint cat are the face (mask), ears,
feet and tail.  Ragdolls also come in mitted and bicolor so
they have more white and less color in certain areas.

The color of the Ragdoll is affected by temperature. 

How did this cat breed start?

The very best way to get an accurate account of the Ragdolls'
history is to consult those that were there at the beginning
and who had a huge part in getting the Ragdolls recognized.

That information, photos, correspondence and more can be found

Rather than spread any more misinformation about the breed, enjoy
browsing through the old photos, pedigrees and other interesting
history on the Ragdoll.

Are Ragdolls really big?

The size of a Ragdoll cat depends on genetics.

Here at Lions Royale Ragdolls our females average
8 -10 pounds and the males around 18 + pounds.

We have been working on increasing the size
but most of our pet buyers like the females to be around this
size. I like the boys to be big and burly!

Can a Ragdoll be really small?

Yes, Ragdolls can be small due to genetics or sometimes
other issues.   . Definitely not ideal for the breed. 
There are no upper or lower limits but the standard
outlines that a Ragdoll should be a heavy, muscular cat
that is well boned.

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