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My name is Lorelei Beal.  I have raised purebred animals
near Guelph, Ontario Canada for quite some time. 

The Ragdolls are my newest passion and one that I'm
dedicated to improving and breeding the best quality and
the healthiest kittens and cats possible. 

The long standing cattery Lions Royale Ragdolls has been
entrusted to me by long time Ragdoll breeder Blossom Cheverie.

I intend to continue the same high quality breeding program,
raising these beautiful Ragdolls to the same standard and beyond.
New Phone Number:. 519-835-5839

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My goal in breeding is to continue to improve the quality
of the Ragdoll cats produced, according to the Ragdoll
breed standard.



Take the time to learn more about the Ragdoll breed  in general.

Learn about the variety of colors and patterns

We may not always have a Ragdoll kitten or cat available, 
but our resident Ragdolls are wonderful ambassadors 
of the breed. 


The making of a LIONS ROYALE LION!!

Look Momma - I'm a Lion too!!  Roar!!....squeak
 photo aslan01.jpg

This is exhausting.....

  photo 100_4435.jpg

I think Lambie-doodle needs a rest...

 photo Lionandlamb.jpg

Momma's bed is soooo comfy. I'm not sleeping.   
I'm just going to rest my eyes for a minute....I'm going to be a big LION one day.

. photo enoughIneedsomesleep.jpg

Lions Royale Ragdolls...

... in a Rainbow of Colors

Lions Royale Ragdolls are always blue-eyed
pointed Cats in these accepted colors:
  • Traditional Blue and Seal
  • Elegant Cream or Red (also called Flame)
  • Endearing Blue or Seal Tortie
  • Sophisticated Chocolate and Lilac
  • Stunning Lilac Tortie and Chocolate Tortie 
  • Now offering the stunning Blue-Eyed pointed WHITE

More details and photos of each color
and pattern can be found in the

Ragdoll Color/Pattern Page


Bella & Sebastian Pye