Lionsroyale Just a Plum Princess - Retired Lilac Bicolor Lioness

Toskharags Princess - Lilac Cream

The Lilac girl shown at the top of this page had me by the heartstrings
from the time she was just a baby.

She wasn't a super beautiful baby but she continued to develop and
'blossom' until she became that stunning princess that we knew she
truly was.

She was just perfect in every way - stunning eye color, strong chin,
beautiful profile, large size, silky coat, sweet nature and lovely color
and pattern.

Princess was super affectionate and just as silly!

She just loved to be scooped up and carried, cuddled and fussed
over.  What a deep purr she had!

She would go completely floppy in your arms.

A sweet and mischievous Ragdoll that's always into something.

I had to watch her!  She was very smart and the strangest things would catch
her attention.  She'd carry items through the house in her mouth,
Not just toys but things she'd stolen such as items off my desk, socks and even
the occasional pair of underpants that she wrangled out of the

The new Princess of the house in Lilac Cream mitted reminds me an awful lot
of our 'Plum Princess" .  She's a true gem and it will be very exciting to see what
gorgeous Ragdoll kittens she produces for Lions Royale.  No doubt they will be
just incredible and outstanding babies!!

A new generation of royal babies!

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