Blue Eyed White Ragdoll Cats

Maya is an SBT registered blue eyed WHITE Ragdoll Lionness! 
This beautiful Ragdoll is a very unique cat.

As many of you know from the history of the Ragdoll, the foundation
cat for the Ragdoll breed was a white female named Josephine.

Josephine was the cat that started it all.  She wasn't any particular
breed.  Her history wasn't known.  When Josephine was bred to
a male Burmese type cat, they produced blue eyed pointed
kittens and solid colored kittens in the same litter.

Those blue-eyed, pointed babies were kept and bred and are what
came to be known as 'Ragdolls'.

Any white kittens produced in the line died out many, many
years ago. 

All Blue-eyed whites that we see today are produced through
the introduction of another breed. That could be a Persian,
Angora or other white cat used as the foundation.

This is also true of Red Ragdolls, Tortie Ragdolls and Lynx
marked Ragdolls as well as most of the chocolate and lilac
Ragdolls.  Another breed was introduced into the
lines to acquire those colors or the lynx or tabby pattern.

Thankfully this contributes to the health and well-being of the
breed, minimizing inbreeding.

Since this is a 'man-made' breed with no proof of which breeds
were used to start it, the introduction of like breeds that are pointed,
blue eyed cat to widen the genetic pool while maintaining the wonderful
character of the Ragdoll, doesn't hurt IF carried out in a responsible way.

However, Mink Ragdolls and sepia Ragdolls as well
as the solid Ragdolls are in a totally different category.

Reds, Torties and Lynx (Tabby) marked Ragdolls are registered
in all cat associations and accepted for championship as they are
blue-eyed, pointed cats.

The difference is that the minks, sepias and solids do not fall
in line with the description of a true Ragdoll which is a
blue-eyed pointed cat.  The inclusion of Tonkinese, Burmese
and Raggamuffinsto get the Minks, Solids and Sepias has
introduced kittens that are not pointed and with various eye
colors the same as your average cat.  

The minks, sepias and solids are not registerable in
all cat associations, for example, the CFA.  They are not accepted
for championship in North America.  Many Ragdoll clubs do not
allow breeders of this variation to join or advertise their non-blue eyed

 'Maya' and 'Trillium' are just like Josephine in that they are white
but they have blue eyes and are masking a  pointed color under
the white.  They won't have solid colored babies.  They are truly a
blue-eyed pointed cat that can produce white kittens like themselves (which
are actually a color underneath that can be identified through DNA only) as
well as regular Ragdoll colors.

"Maya" shown above: 
Her father is the full brother of Quadruple Grand Champion
Overlandtrl Scout of Ragbenchers!  So her good looks and
conformation come honestly.

As for Maya, she is definitely beautiful and a real character.

She's super affectionate,
very floppy and she likes to talk to her people. 


MAYA - Blue eyed White Ragdoll

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